Principal (Bilingual)

Areas of Accountability:
1. Understand and implement the vision and mission of CCIS.
2. Understand student enrollment targets and work with the business office and senior management to meet those targets.
3. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with staff, parents, Business office, senior management, students and local Ministries to ensure a harmonious and professional work environment.
4. Attend weekly management meeting (Every Wednesday).
5. Facilitate:
• School Assemblies (Daily).
• Morning memo to staff (Daily before 7.00 A.M.).
• Meet and greet the students in the morning (Daily).
• Student IEP meetings (As scheduled in the staff calendar and as needed).
• Academic unit meetings: Curriculum review & student concerns (Once in 3 weeks).
• Staff meeting (Monthly): Discuss expectations, provide information, In-servicing & staff concerns.
• Continue- stop-start: Feedback from teachers twice a year.
• Monthly newsletters to parents to be send for review to the Operations Manager on the 25th of every month.
6. Evaluate the performance of all academic staff:
• Probationary review for new staff to be completed by November 10th of each year. Use the ‘Walk-through or Observation format’ for this evaluation.
• Returning teachers who have completed more than 3 years at CCIS have two formal evaluations using the Charlotte Danielson Framework: one by November 30th (for setting learning and developmental goals) and the second one ( review of how well the goals set at the beginning of the year has been achieved) needs be completed by March 30th.
7. Ensure the optimal utilization of resources available at CCIS:
• Educational Resources.
• Human Resources.
• Space and facilities.
• Technology for learning, teaching and communication.
• SharePoint, Learnet and other special needs software and programs.
8. Improve teaching effectiveness and student achievement as measured through standardized assessment tests (Brigance, Portage & TEACCH) and use of other educational data management tools.
9. Implement an effective school discipline policy where there are not just rewards or demerits for actions but motivational tools to develop behavior and character.
10. Understand and implement policy and procedures or institute new ones where there are none, after deliberation and approval from the senior management.
11. Deal with the Kuwait Ministry of Education and Public Authority for Disabled as required to promote the school or to address problems or issues effectively as they arise.
12. Organize cost effective professional development activities which will be beneficial to the staff and students of CCIS. Professional Development (in school or outside) must be implemented in school to benefit student learning. Regular ‘Walk throughs’ are also important to support teachers with improving instructional delivery.
13. Planning: The Superintendent when proposing new programs or suggestions must plan in detail the proposal so that goal/rationale, the implementation process, the costs, the outcomes will be recorded to validate against results. Detailed plans are essential for approval and implementation.
14. Ensure that all manuals (Curriculum plan, Five year plan, Admin policy) are updated for the following year by May 31st of each year.
15. Proactive & effective communication to be ensured with the Executive Council members, before any strategical movements.
16. Implement a procedure of setting deadlines and timelines for all activities involving staff, students and for personal tasks. Adherence to deadlines helps staff and students also meet deadlines.
17. Ensure that each classroom has the following posted:
• Mission Statement
• Morning routines
• Classroom rules
• Class timetable
• Progress chart.
18. Plan and orient new staff to the school when they join CCIS.
19. Monitor teacher absence and ensure adequate classroom coverage.
20. Review and sign progress and report cards for all students at least two days prior to distribution.
21. Lead and regularly monitor the progress being made during accreditation to ensure achievement of all the standards.
22. Ensure the yearly school calendar is planned by Feb of each year for the following year including all activities, events and important dates that need to be met.
23. Ensure the school conducts an emergency evacuation drill 3 times a year and lock down two times in an academic year. These dates would be put into the executive council’s calendar.
24. Make sure that all teachers submit the yearly fieldtrip plan by October 30th of each year. First instruct teachers to obtain the necessary approvals from the Principal and then have teachers submit the approval to the receptionist who processes it with MOE.
25. Monitor and ensure that all student files are updated and maintained well by the Principal’s secretary, the therapists and specialists throughout the year.
26. Manage student behaviour issues in coordination with the social worker and psychologist.
27. Ensure that the extra-curricular activities/clubs are working well and benefiting students.
28. IEP Meetings: Plan the IEP meetings and orient teachers, specialists and therapists on how to deal with parents positively and professionally.
Areas of Accountability:
1. Plan on an annual basis a forward looking 5-year plan and update the 5-year plan on an annual basis in coordination with the Executive Council and the Business Office Coordinator. Once approved, ensuring that the goals are implemented effectively. Review yearly plans at the beginning and at the end of the year with the executive council.
• Make sure that the CCIS vision and mission are implemented appropriately.
2. To conduct Professional Development Days with teachers once in 3 months and work with teachers to ensure improvements are achieved. Regular walk-throughs are also meant to support teachers on a more regular basis.
3. Ensure that all curriculum plans (IEP, unit plans, Lessons plans) and assessments are completed on time by teachers. This Involves regular class room visits to support and evaluate delivery by each teacher.
4. Ensure that term wise assessment are marked and staff are given a feedback on it.
5. Ensure that the exams are conducted periodically:
a. Semester 1: During the month of January
b. Semester 2: During the month of May
6. Effectively implement the in-school and after school intervention programs to attract more students to CCIS and also to improve the performance of students.
7. Work with the Vice Principal and Arabic Department Head to create expectations and programs for Arabic and Islamic Studies, which will be monitored annually.
8. Work with Vice Principal, specialists and the therapists to ensure that the IEPS set of each child is monitored and achieved.
9. Ensure that student behaviour is appropriately managed at CCIS, with the role of the social worker being to manage behaviour issues with teachers in the classroom while the psychologist supports students with emotional and developmental issues.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-05-07
Job Location: Hawali, Kuwait
Job Role: Teaching and Academics
Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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