School Bus Driver – Doha Academy

Job Purpose
The school bus driver is responsible for operating a school bus and transporting school-aged children and other authorized personnel safely and efficiently over specified routes in Doha- Qatar to and from schools and various activities. The driver should also conduct pre-trip inspections; observes safety regulations and policies; enforce student discipline on the bus; and perform related work.
Job Responsibilities
• Checks with the school transport manager for any changes in normal duties or new student passengers.
• Ensures that the bus can be operated safely before driving and conducts pre-trip safety inspections as required by the laws of the State of Qatar to include observing visual defects and checking operating systems to include brakes, horn, lights, emergency flashers, extended stop arms, and door-opening devices.
• Operates the vehicle safely over an assigned route, picking up and delivering only authorized students at assigned stops, and watches to ensure that no one hurrying for the bus is left behind.
• Keeps assigned time schedules, which may require driving during pre-day light and dusk periods, and makes every effort to be on time while ensuring safety.
• Should not allow a passenger or other unauthorized person to operate the school bus at any time or any person except the driver to sit in the driver's seat.
• Should not leave the driver's seat without first setting the brakes, shutting off the motor, placing the bus in gear, and removing the ignition key from the lock. The bus keys shall be kept in the driver's possession.
• Obeys all traffic laws and transportation practices as outlined in the School Bus Policy and Traffic Policy.
• Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses and keeps all emergency exits clear of obstructions.
• Maintains student discipline on the bus and enforces rules governing student conduct.
• Reports undisciplined students to the proper authority and compiles written reports (Student Misconduct on the Bus Form) as requested in accordance with the School Bus policy, Behaviour Policy and Traffic Policy.
• Reports all accidents immediately, requesting police or ambulance service as needed; assists injured persons until services arrive; and completes required accident reports.
• Notifies the proper authority in cases of mechanical failure, safety deficiencies, when off schedule, or other incidents.
• Regulates heating, cooling, and ventilating equipment provided on the bus for the comfort of passengers.
• Checks the bus upon arrival at school and at the end of the route after departure of children for any children left behind and lost articles to ensure that no one has been left on board.
• Drives students and teachers on field trips, extracurricular activities, and other special events, often in evenings and at night, as assigned.
• Exercises responsible leadership and appropriate behaviour when on out-of-division school trips.
• Returns the bus to the assigned bus lot, performs a final inspection, and secures the bus according to procedures.
• Prior to stopping the school should indicate by the use of electrical directional signals on the bus. A left directional signal shall be used to indicate that the bus is going to pull off the roadway.
• Participates in all required training.
• Submits to medical/ fitness/ drug testing when required.
• Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities.
General Duties and Responsibilities
• Keeps the assigned bus clean, neat and tidy.
• Maintains an assigned seating chart and mark the attendance record regularly.
• Reports all safety violations to include co-workers / personnel suspected of drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs (to include over-the-counter drugs) while working.
• Performs any other related duties as assigned by the School Transport Manager or other appropriate administrator.
Standards and Quality Assurance
• Support the aims and ethos of Doha Academy
• Follow Doha Academy’s policies and procedures.
• Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance.
• Attend and participate in open evenings and report on pupil progress.
• Uphold the school's behaviour code and uniform regulations.
• Participate and contribute to staff training.
• Attend team and staff meetings.
• Positively embrace professional development and research
• Ability to reflect on and improve performance

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-07-11
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Logistics and Transportation
Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Gender: Male
Degree: High school or equivalent

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