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Job Purpose
§ Manage Bank’s liquidity requirements.
§ Managing the Assets and Liabilities of the Bank.
§ Reducing Cost of Funds.
§ Monitor and manage all types of statutory ratios set by Central Bank.
§ Supervise staff on the Money Market & FX desks.
§ Train and motivate staff.
§ Implement department’s strategic plan.
§ Prepare annual budget for MM & FX desks in conjunction with the General Manager – Treasury & Investment.
§ Ensure Nostros/Vostros are properly funded and managed.
§ Periodic reporting to General Manager – Treasury & Investment on loan funding status vis-à-vis credit line availability.
§ Ensure interest rate risk ladder is within the set parameters.
§ Hedge interest rate exposures of the Bank according to the bank and Central Bank of Kuwait’s guidelines.
§ Management of spot and forward Foreign Exchange positions.
§ Managing the Bank’s FX exposure.
§ Trade in Money Market & FX desk profitability.
§ Ensure policies and procedures are adhered.
§ Liaise with other Managers of branches overseas.
§ Liaise with General Manager – Treasury & Investment as to basic strategies.
§ Compliance with local monetary regulations.
Key Accountabilities:
§ Liaison:
· With General Manager – Treasury & Investment re: KD liquidity, KD Money Market & Foreign currencies Money Market & FX positions (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, GCC currencies etc.)
· With Corporate desk on deposit rates and market movements.
· With FX desk on market developments.
· With Operations (L/C, Treasury operations, CCPD, etc.) and Financial Controls to ensure timely and accurate reports are received by Treasury Division.
· With International Division on management of Nostro/Vostro accounts, placements, loan raising, rollovers, etc.
· With Corporate Credit Division on loan raising, loan rollovers, money market lines.
· With Retail Division in funding of loans.
· Local, International banks and Central Bank of Kuwait.
· With Risk Management Division on risk and controls.
· With General Manager – Treasury & Investment in preparing annual budget for FX & MM desk
· The performance of Money Market & FX desks staff
· Control of Counterpart limits and makes sure no access or limit breaches.
· Market developments that may impact the department’s performance.
· Statutory reports set by Central Bank.
· Business achievements, profitability to determine progress and increase efficiency of the desks.
· Treasury Bill/Bonds portfolio.
· To maintain a smooth running and profitable FX & MM Desks.
· To ensure Management directions are implemented.
· Management of spot, forward and swap Foreign Exchange positions.
· Managing the Bank’s FX exposure.
Trade :
· Actively trade in the KD & FC book.
· Trade in Treasury Bills & Bonds in the primary and secondary market with a profit potential, as well as for bank’s ratio requirements.
· Ensure all loans are properly funded at competitive rates.
· Hedge against interest rate exposures according to bank and Central Bank regulations.
· Hedging interest rate risks through IRS/FRA.
· Trade in Islamic Products.
· Trading Foreign Exchange in international markets and domestic market.
· Supplying and altering rates for Retail requirements.
· Managing strategy & proprietary trading.
· The Department’s strategic & business plan.
· Automation of Money Market & FX desks record keeping.
· Develop, monitor, control and training all money market/FX desks staff.
· Review, update and implement existing money market & FX policies and procedures periodically.
· Implement Treasury Budget and strategy for Foreign Exchange & Money Market Desks.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI's):
§ Increase profit contribution through a well planned trading and lending strategy.
§ Safeguarding against major interest rate fluctuations.
§ Instant response on all inter-bank dealing calls as well as customer/inter-department calls.
§ Daily discussion with the dealers on market views, factors effecting the interest rate movements, liquidity ratios etc.
§ Ensure Bank’s image is promoted professionally in the international and local market.
§ Creative and thoughtful approach is the key to resolve complicated problems.
§ Dealers should adhere to code of conduct while dealing.
§ Problems created out of dealing either between banks or brokers, the matter should be referred to the General Manager – Treasury & Investment/Management immediately with full description of facts and possible solution in line with the generally accepted market practice/code of conduct.
§ Discrepancies with Central Bank on account of inaccurate / irregular reporting to be minimized / avoided.
§ Ensuring Bank’s name is promoted professionally in the international interbank markets.
§ A profitable and professional run desk.
§ Constantly solving problems regarding management direction and its implementation regarding FX desk.
§ Constantly reviewing strategy on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, regarding state of the markets and their impact upon profitability.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-10-10
Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Role: Finance and Investment
Company Industry: Banking

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Executive/Director
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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