Auditor / Lead Auditor / Technical Expert and Auditor Evaluator

An Auditor has following authorities and responsibilities
• Authorized to take audit related decisions during the audit, subject to approval of the LA
• Issue findings to the auditee based on his / her observations, subject to approval of the LA
• Perform audits in accordance with FCI procedures.
• Comply with auditor code of ethics and declare any conflict of interest prior to commencement of audit.
• Comply with auditor agreement and statement of confidentiality.
(A Technical expert is a part of the audit team to provide technical support to the auditors where required. He will not independently audit the client. The recommendations/decisions of the TE will be analyzed by the LA / A in the context of the audit. )
A Lead Auditor following authorities and responsibilities-
• Approve the audit notification & plan
• He/she is in-charge of the entire audit process in the capacity of team leader.
• Define auditor’s roles (team assignments), advice the auditors in classification of findings. His authority on the classification is final unless subject to appeal by the client.
• Authorized to close previous findings
• Authorized to accept the correction and corrective action plan for NCs and Observations
• Has an authority to call off an audit if his/her perception indicates that the audit objectives cannot be achieved.
• Has an authority to recommend certification, continuation, expansion/reduction of the certification scope, recertification, certificate transfer, suspension, withdrawal of certificate based on the conclusion of the audit.
• Prepare the audit notification & plan
• Managing, directing, monitoring the proceeds of an audit, including conducting opening and closing meetings, where appointed as a LA.
• Controlling the audit process including the audit team work delegations
• Conferring with the auditors and conclude the nature of findings to be reported
• Completing all objectives of audit.
• Submission of audit report with recommendations and audit findings to FCI through MoU coordinator.
• Is fully accountable for the content and accuracy of the audit report & audit pack and provide necessary clarifications to the Certification Decision committee if required to do so. Finalize entire audit pack and send to FCI in time
• Contribute in decision committee to fill in scheme / sector specific gap
An Evaluator has following authorities and responsibilities-
• Has the authority to evaluate / witness an auditor/ lead auditor by the methods prescribed by FCI
• Has the authority to report the conduct of the auditor/ lead auditor being evaluated to FCI.
• Be a part of the audit team without directly participating in the audit process.
• Observe the conduct of the A/LA and make notes of his observations. These shall be compiled in the form of recommendations given to the CSM.
• Confer with the A/LA being evaluated during the course of audit only if needed to provide guidance on the audit process.
Systems personnel has following authorities and responsibilities-
• To communicate with the MoU countries, LA / A on obtaining the clarification on audit packs received
• To communicate with the MoU countries, LA / A on technical matters and related clarification including competence related issues
• Provide support to CSM on all FCI matters and inputs for the Decision Committee
Specific tasks of the audit team (before the audit) –
• To examine and verify the structure, policies, processes, procedures, records and related documents of the client relevant to the management system standard
• To determine that these meet all the requirements relevant to the intended scope of certification
• To determine that the processes and procedures are established, implemented and maintained effectively, to provide a basis for confidence in the client’s management system
• To communicate to the client, for its action, any inconsistencies between the client’s policy, objectives and targets.
• To discuss the Technical Area related requirements and focus area so that all auditors address the same during the audit
Specific tasks of the audit team (at the end of audit while preparing audit conclusions) –
• To review all audit findings, and any other relevant information obtained during the audit, against the audit objectives and audit criteria and classify the nonconformities;
• To agree upon the audit conclusions, taking into account the audit process uncertainty;
• To agree any necessary follow-up actions;
• To confirm the appropriateness of the audit programme or identify any changes required for future audits

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-10-03
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Accounting and Auditing
Company Industry: Construction

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: India; Philippines

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