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Consultancy services for the preparation and implementation of a technical training, based on My.COOP training package adapted to the context of the Jordanian agricultural cooperatives.
Project Background
The project “Providing sustainable work opportunities to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in the agricultural sector in northern Jordan” implemented by ACTED is funded by BPRM. It aims to contribute to the provision of inclusive and sustainable income-generating opportunities in conflict-affected communities in northern Jordan by enhancing the integration and participation of 560 Syrian refugees and 240 vulnerable Jordanians in agricultural livelihoods opportunities in Mafraq and Irbid Governorates. The project intends to provide increased income for 4,000 individuals and capacity-building to 8 cooperatives in close collaboration with the International Labour Organisation, who will play an advisory role in the implementation of Training for Rural Economic Empowerment-TREE and My.COOP training packages.
Among other activities, ACTED will select the 8 cooperatives from the ILO network on the basis of their experience, profitability, ability to provide work permits to Syrian refugees, and other additional criteria. After conducting initial capacity assessments, ACTED will develop capacity-building plans through My.COOP training package, adapted to the Jordanian context through relevant case studies, market information, regulations, and including the basics of cooperatives, cooperative service provision, input supply, and cooperative marketing, in coordination with ILO and a My.COOP trainer for all 8 cooperatives. These cooperatives will receive five days of My.COOP training to strengthen management and enable them to assist in conducting in-depth participatory value chain analyses, with the overall goal of developing appropriate business plans to sustainably engage vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanians in independent microbusinesses.
Managing your agricultural cooperative – My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives, launched in January 2012 through a partnership. Initiated by the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit, the partnership involves: Agriterra, the FAO, the International Training Centre of the ILO, the Royal Tropical Institute and the Wageningen University and Research Centre, among others. It builds on the long experience of the ILO’s Materials and Techniques for Cooperative Management (MATCOM) Programme (1978-early 1990s). My.COOP training aims to respond to management challenges faced by agricultural cooperatives. It addresses managerial challenges that many agricultural cooperatives face, and is based on the idea that proper management enables cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members. The training package consists of four modules, a trainers’ manual and a mobile learning toolkit. My.COOP provides clear and relevant information on how to improve management in agricultural cooperatives with the understanding that even when the problems are often of similar nature, each country and region has their own specificities. Taking such differences into account, My.COOP process has been built to allow for adaptations to different country contexts and experiences. The generic English version of My.COOP can be translated and adapted to a training package which is suitable to respond to the specific challenges in any given country.
Consultancy objectives
As mentioned above, a 5-days training based on My.COOP package adapted to the Jordanian context will be conducted at the attention of 8 cooperatives in the North of Jordan. In this optic, the selected consultant shall be a Cooperative/Business development specialist, in charge of adapting My.COOP package to the Jordanian context.
The selected consultant shall be in charge of the preparation and monitoring of the training package based on My.COOP, from the development of the tool to the monitoring of the implementation and test phase. This shall be done in collaboration and under the review of ACTED, ILO and other relevant stakeholders.
To implement the above objective, the consultant shall contribute to the 3 below results:
1. Perform the preparation of the training material based on My.COOP, by adapting it to the context of Jordanian Cooperatives.
2. Support in the implementation and monitoring of the field test training to the 8 cooperatives of the adapted package.
3. Support ACTED in the other areas of intervention related to this project and to his/her competencies.
Tasks/Work assignment
To implement the above objectives, the consultant shall more precisely do the following.
1. Perform the preparation of the training material based on My.COOP.
With the support of ACTED and ILO and in partnership with the climate smart agriculture consultant; the consultant shall adapt My.COOP training package to the Jordanian context. This shall include but is not limited to the below.
 Review the translation in Arabic of the training package, previously performed for Egypt, OPT and Morocco, in order to ensure an accurate terminology of the technical context and to ensure that the translation is fine-tuned for national specificities of the language.
 Perform the adaptation of the training package to reflect the national and local reality of agricultural cooperatives; and thus ensuring that the package reflects the national context by notably replacing/including relevant case studies, illustrating with more accurate photos, including references to the national context (legislation, market information, regulations, historical context, access to finance, and socio-economic context, etc.).
 As the package shall also be tailored to climate smart agriculture standards, the consultant shall cooperate with the climate-smart agriculture consultant to ensure that the package is relevant and accurate as a whole.
 Collaborate with the cooperative capacity building specialist, the business development specialist and the business development mobilizers in order to share with them his/her technical expertise on My.COOP and TREE training packages and ensure a proper follow up for the cooperatives after the end of the consultancy period;
2. Support in and monitor the implementation of the field test training to the 8 cooperatives of the adapted package.
The package shall be validated through a training of the selected cooperatives. As to ensure a holistic and accurate intervention, the consultant shall support with the following.
 Throughout the training, the consultant shall ensure to gather the trainer’s and cooperatives’ feedbacks to make the final modifications to the package, to ensure it reflects the realities in the country. Based on the above steps, the package shall be finalised after the field testing.
 Review and provide technical advice in the development of capacity-building plans of the cooperatives, coming out of the training.
3. Support ACTED in the other areas of intervention related to this project and to his/her areas of expertise.
In addition to the above, the consultant shall contribute to the implementation of the project; notably though the below.
• Review and provide technical inputs on in-depth participatory value chain analyses; in which the cooperatives shall be trained to participate through My.COOP package. Participate in multistakeholder workshops for participatory market and value chain analysis, so as to bring any needed technical input.
The consultancy is estimated to last between 15 to 20 days. The cost of the consultancy services shall be linked to the production of the above identified deliverables.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-11-15
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Consulting
Company Industry: Consulting Services

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Career Level: Management

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