General Manager/ Managing Director – Client of iQuest Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

1. Sees that the Company adopts and applies the Organization suitable for its type of business and style.
2. Develops systems and procedures of planning and control applicable for all company's activities in all areas.
3. Recommends and assists the Management team in formulating general working policies covering all what the Company needs for its permanent dealings and practice. This includes business approach, financial policy, personnel policy and social policy.
4. Presents to the Board of Directors for study and approval long-term and annual budgets within a system of planning which reflects the Company's established objectives and policies. Such plans and forecasts are to be approved by the Administration and Finance Director first.
5. Applies and controls long-term and annual plans by using established methods and procedures of control which includes regular and standard reporting forms and procedures, based on the principle of "Delegation and Management by Exception".
6. Discusses variations and exceptions directly with the concerned Division's Director and solves problems of friction between divisions.
7. Turns all solutions reached in meetings to policies or procedures, circulates these policies and procedures and sees that similar problems never occur.
8. Sees that all such policy decisions, systems and procedures are well documented and preserved and that a sort of reference library be established and opened to all management and supervisory levels for their guidance.
9. Sees that "specialized, functional Departments and Sections" are efficiently extending their orientation and professional services to all Departments and Projects. Issues memoranda to Division Directors in this respect explaining the vital role of specialized control officials in assisting all Departments and Projects for applying standard procedures. (According to this Organization, Heads of Departments in the Administration and Finance Division are granted ‘'functional authority’ over all other Departments and Projects for this purpose of standard control).
10. Issues memoranda whenever finding out that systems, policies and by-laws are violated or misinterpreted.
11. Meets with Division Directors in formal meetings, presides over meetings on all executive and coordination matters, and tries to obtain unanimous vote on solutions to matters brought to the Board’s attention. (Meetings on policy matters are presided over by the Chairman).
12. Meets with individual Directors and discusses and expedites planning, control and accomplishments required from their respective Divisions within target dates and in accordance with established systems and procedures

Job Details

Posted Date: 2018-11-09
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Construction and Building
Company Industry: Construction

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Gender: Male
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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