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Hospital HR managers’ decisions affect the quality of care patients receive in the hospital. Hospital HR managers are responsible for both the clinical and non-clinical staff that delivers direct services to patients. Subsequently, the performance of the hospital rests solely with the level of performance provided by the staff
Human Resources Managers are responsible for developing and administering human resources plans and procedures that relate to hospital personnel. Also responsible on planning, organizing, and controlling the activities and actions of the HR department, as well as contributing to the development of HR department goals, objectives, and systems
Therefore, Hospital HR Manager essential job responsibilities involve achieving the following tasks:
• Implementing and revising a company’s compensation program
• Creating and revising job descriptions
• Conducting annual salary surveys
• Developing, analyzing, and updating the company’s salary budget
• Developing, analyzing and updating the company’s performance evaluation program
• Developing, revising, and recommending personnel policies and procedures
• Maintaining and revising the company’s handbook on policies and procedures
• Performing benefits administration
• Maintaining affirmative action programs
• Overseeing recruitment efforts for all personnel, including writing and placing job ads
• Conducting new employee orientations and employee relations counseling
• Overseeing exit interviews
• Maintaining department records and reports
• Participating in administrative staff meetings
• Maintaining company directory and other organizational charts
• Recommending new policies, approaches, and procedures
• Follow-up training and development programs
Hospital HR professionals in larger organizations may have more specialized duties, like:
Maintain a Budget and Profits
As part of the overall consideration HR places on hiring and promoting clinical and support staff, they also must be loyal to the organization. The hospital relies on the prudent use of financial resources on the part of HR to meet its obligations to the patients and the community, but also relies on HR to keep the profits of stockholders and owners in the forefront. Human resource managers may believe an additional staff, for example, but hiring may require HR to dip into reserves or reduce the number of extra workers there. Decisions such as these are made within the parameters and framework of the overall hospital budget.
Keep Staff Levels Appropriate to the Need
It’s up to the HR manager to ensure each department and floor in the hospital is sufficiently staffed. With revolving patient counts, it can be a very difficult proposition. HR managers rely on reports from department heads, historical counts according to seasonal changes, as well as current patient needs. Absenteeism then plays a role in day-to-day staffing needs, placing additional pressure on HR to find immediate replacements and maintain open relationships with medical staffing agencies.
Ensure Training and Credentials are Updated
It’s up to the human resource manager and the HR department to keep up with the license renewal times of staff members. For example, nurses, doctors, radiologists and mental health professionals who hold state licenses must meet certain continuing education requirements to renew their certifications. While HR maintains files on credential renewal updates, the manager also arranges for in-house training and opportunities for staff members to earn continuing education credits while on the job, thus reducing the need to cover for personnel. It’s also a bonus or benefits often offered by hospitals to professional staff members to attract talented personnel.
Serve the Various Staff Needs
Hospital HR manager and his / her team take care of the benefits for employees and monitors employee performance evaluations. HR tracks employee requests for vacation and extended leave and must ensure those positions are adequately covered when the primary job-holder is gone. A hospital, unlike an office or factory, can’t operate effectively when key staff members are not there. Additionally, hospitals run on 24-hour schedules, making the job of the HR manager even more demanding.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2018-05-24
Job Role: Human Resources and Recruitment
Company Industry: Medical/Hospital

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Executive/Director
Nationality: Egypt
Degree: Master's degree

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