Legal Advisor – Rawabi Holding Company

The main purpose of the legal advisor is to support the Group legal Counselor in overseeing Rawabi’s legal functions and activities and to ensure Rawabi Business units and Holding receive the proper legal coverage and advise, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. In addition, provide the Group Legal Counselor the required support and oversee the outgoing legal services.
1. Supervise the follow up process with the service requester and/or the execution of changes and/or comments provided by the legal department and the reports issued to Group Legal Counselor based on the legal department practice.
2. Provide guidelines to consider the mandatory provisions of the applicable laws as the subject of the legal service request.
3. Conduct training programs relevant to legal compliance issues.
4. Ensure that the employer complies with applicable law relevant to its activities as the case maybe.
5. Responds to alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures and Standards set up by the employer by evaluating or recommending the initiation of investigative procedures. Develops and overseas a system for uniform handling of such violations.
6. Ensure proper reporting of violations or potential violations to Group legal Counselor.
7. Assist in the performance and review of risk assessments for effectively develop and implement a compliance monitoring plan.
8. Assist in identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk by conducting effective gap analysis.
9. Maintain a current knowledge of applicable laws, and regulations. Monitor legislative and regulatory developments relevant to the subject tot eh legal service request and report important compliance developments. Evaluates changes in legal/regulatory requirements and unsure that timely appropriate action is taken.
10. Ensure that periodic compliance checks are performed for post trade compliance of all statutory, regulator and client – mandate requirements.
11. Review and supervise the revision of any legal breach reports and ensure that appropriate corrective action is taken.
12. Prepare quarterly reports for presentation to the Group legal Counselor along with the legal team as required. Ensure that all new clients introduced present the required documentations.
13. Interact with the regulator as appropriate.
14. Ensure that a sound regulatory risk framework exist and is maintained.
15. Ensure that all group companies adhere to the required legislation.
16. Ensure that all group companies board secretarial requirement are met.
17. Ensure that all statutory records, registers and documentation is properly recorded, maintained and securely stored.
18. Provided legal interpretation to colleagues.
19. Provide the liaison point and relationship manager with the outsource compliance provider.
20. Represent the legal department in industry association meetings, with regulators and with other industry-related bodies.
21. Have strong ability to control the compliance team and the compliance for the company, to promote a compliant control environment.
22. Writing and/or reviewing the compliance reports and sending them to Group legal Counselor.
23. Be in close contact with various relevant authorities.
24. Dealing with thorough inspections held by any regulatory body if any.
25. Ensure compliance, revision, interpretation with of applicable law.
26. Participate in compliance ISO and reports.
27. Meeting s with department managers to provide information relevant to compliance requirement.
28. Recommending changes to employer’s policy to meet mandatory regulations.
29. Acts as an independent review and evaluation body to endure that compliance issues and concerns are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved.
30. Produces periodic reports to Group legal Counselor about compliance and incompliance issues.
31. Has sign off on the regulated scripts and all other compliance material in relation to employee’s compliance issues.
32. Sings off and revises company policies and procedures that related to regulated environment on an ad hoc basis but at the very minimum annually.
33. To develop and compliance policies and executers so that they increase their knowledge and become more effective in compliance.
34. Ensure proper reporting of violations or potential violations to Group Legal Counselor.
35. Managing external legal service provider.
36. Perform any other general relevant legal compliance work as required.
37. Study and evaluate the analyses and researches of the team subject to ideal and non-ideal contractual documents in all stages and in all working fields of the company.
38. Assist, participate, and provide professional legal guidelines subject litigations with the appointed law firm whenever required.
39. Perform any other general relevant legal compliance work as required.
40. Study and evaluate the analyses and researches of the team subject to ideal litigations with the appointed law firm whenever required.
41. Perform legal searching in all activities relevant to the company.
42. Periodically review existing mandates and contracts and ensure that such remain appropriate and relevant.
43. Interpret mandates before the relevant parties sign, identify all key areas for the business and proposing amendments to the mandate/contract.
44. Draft, revise and review ideal and non-ideal contractual documents.
45. Apply the adopted legal provisions and standards at the drafted contractual documents.
46. Confirm compliance of the legal requests of the services requestor for attending the meetings and advise accordingly.
47. Conduct research on the contractual documents with reference to the applicable law, in any event of breach to the contractual documents or any disputes.
48. Handle the litigations and arbitrations against the company and on behalf of the company with reference to any contractual documents
49. Participate in handling any legal request with any appointed law firm
50. Do any other duties relevant to the aforesaid duties assigned from the time by assistant legal counselor or by line of authority.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-12-04
Job Location: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Legal
Company Industry: Oil/Gas

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Master's degree

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Legal Advisor – Rawabi Holding Company

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