Product and Application Specialist – Dental – MANSHORE® Medical Supply LLC.

Product Specialist: Generating new prospects as well as maintaining the existing clients, expanding market share and insuring client satisfaction. This post carries sales and profit targets that the product specialist should meet quarterly and yearly.
Application Specialist: Carry out the pre-sales demo and after sales training with the end use, show full capabilities of the machines, and insure customer satisfaction.
 Internal:
a. Product Specialist:
o Preparing and applying for Tenders
o Preparing orders and related forms
o Market intelligence (to be submitted to the management and analyzed in order to develop marketing strategies, raise brand awareness as well as the company awareness, and introduce new clients to our services and products )
o Coordination with management to insure customer satisfaction
o Pricing and quotations
o Delivering and implementing company strategy
o Planning work schedules and weekly and monthly timetables
o Attending the division meetings, technical data presentations and briefing
o Market information gathering
b. Application Specialist:
o Formulate Competitive analysis ( comparison between our units and the competitor’s )
o Reporting to the Manager on daily activities, filling weekly reports. Reporting outcomes of demos whether successful or not and reasons behind the same.
o Customer profiling ( creating customer’s data base )
o Completing Demo form after each demo
o Completing training form after each training conducted
o Attending Division's meetings whenever necessary
 External
a. Product Specialist:
o New prospects: in order to achieve sales new clients must be found, by doing the proper research its easier and more effective to locate them, this increases the chances in getting more sales, this is done by searching new clinics and hospitals (online and offline), and then visiting them and determine their needs and their potential
o Maintaining and following up on existing clients: by regular visits and gathering information about their work flow and the daily issues they face and responding to that issues as quick as possible which will strengthen the established trust .
o Maximize sales in existing account: by understanding this particular client and their work flow we can offer them more of the same product or a different one to facilitate their work flow and make their life easier which will get us more sales.
o Follow up on payments: so it’s not delayed.
b. Application Specialist:
o Pre- sales training: after the demo is installed, the demonstration is conducted with the end user while features and the benefits are conveyed.
o The demo period could take from hours to weeks, where the application specialist to stay at contact with end users, instructing the use of the machine, and optimizing their understanding of the software and the capabilities of our products
o Trouble shooting with the end-user and finding clinical explanations of the issues that might rise.
o Overseeing the overall performance of the unit before installing and observe the ways it is used and learn to use each doctor’s approach.
o Aftersales training: scheduling the training with the end user and the bio medical Eng. department
o Getting all the aspects and the functions covered with the end-user and insure trouble free operations.
o Installing new software and manipulating the existing ones to fine tune to the end-users need.
o Periodic check up with the end-users to maintain the clinical usefulness of the units.
o Full participation in the marketing events (Congresses, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and campaigns).
 Technical Responsibilities
o Supervising removal of demo units: so our machine doesn’t get damaged in the process and to take the final feedback from the client.
o Supervising installation of new and demo units: in order to make sure that nothing is damaged while installing the machine and it also shows the client that we consistently follow up and make sure that everything goes smoothly and that we provide a high quality service
o Follow up on delivery.
o Handling various issues that may come up with clients: like errors, technical questions, operation questions, to build loyalty with this particular client.
o Checking our demo units and insuring they are in excellent work conditions
o Maintain the demo units in excellent working condition and shape
o Performing demos
o Machine adjustment and tuning
o Setting demo schedules
 Administrative Responsibilities
o Generate reports to management
o Logging data into CRM.
o Prepare quotes
o Preparing and applying for Tenders
o Preparing orders forms
o Market intelligence

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-09-06
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Sales
Company Industry: Healthcare, other; Biotechnology; Medical/Hospital
Monthly Salary: US $2,000

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Gender: Female
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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