Salon Manager

Job Objective

Responsibility for efficient running and profitability of the salon by ensuring that client count numbers are maintained and reviewed, whilst taking into account all hairdressing standards and client services are carried out according to company policies which are in force.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. To adhere to financial guidelines e.g. Expenditure salon overheads as set by management.
2. To maintain and constantly review client service standards.
3. Make sure in maintaining hairdressing and techniques in keeping with client's wishes and current fashion trends.
4. To ensure salon cleanliness and maintenance is in keeping with the company's general policy on Services.
5. To discipline and guide all members of staff to create a happy working atmosphere for the benefit of both staff and clients.
6. To encourage and motivate all staff to maximum potential, both technically and professionally for their individual benefit and future growth of the company.
7. To communicate through all staff levels e.g. Stylists, Apprentices:
a. Company policies and procedures
b. Staff changes
c. Company's future plans
d. Management's satisfaction and dissatisfaction
e. Feedback through correct channels of staff’s criticisms, ensuring that these are given a satisfactory answer.
8. To ensure that grievance procedures arc carried out as laid down in each individual's contract of employment.
9. Should plan future staff requirements to maintain staff levels and fluctuations in trade throughout the year.
10. To ensure smooth running of reception area in particular with overall responsibility for cash and paperwork procedures. To ensure where there is no receptionist that paperwork procedures are adhered to as laid down in the job description.
11. To constantly review the notice board area to ensure it is up to date and current
12. To action all directives whether verbal or written within the time specified through the correct channels e.g. Staff grievances and complaint procedures.
13. To attend soirees and demonstrations when required.
14. To attend meetings with the Managers when required.
15. To work closely with Marketing Team in promoting the Company's image though all media
advertising, shows (trade and public) to increase Company's reputation and client count.
16. To ensure that the Company's policies in relation to:
a. Hairdressing trends and techniques and
b. Staff dress and appearance
Are carried out and communicated to all staff.
17. To advise clients of all products available for retail purchase, in order that they keep their hair in good condition
18. To liaise with Managing Director(s) on ordering stock, including maintaining stock levels, and to ensure that staff are aware of this. To follow the guidelines on controlling and accounting for stock, ensuring that paperwork is completed accurately.
19. To complete and check weekly control sheet, with particular attention to accuracy of stylists revenue.
20. To ensure that staff up-date and maintain client record cards for tints and perms for the following reasons:
a. Technical
b. Client Complaints
21. To teach apprentices if required, on a Rota basis, and complete model night report forms for each member of staff.

Reception and Bill Procedure:

22. In the absence of a receptionist/Cashier, to take full responsibility for all paperwork in connection with bills and money as follows:
a. To ensure that client's bill is part completed up-on his/her arrival and bill number is entered by client's name in appointment hook.
b. To ensure that appointments are filled out correctly and that each client's telephone and type of service required is entered next to his/her name. To instruct all staff to carry out this procedure properly.
c. To ensure that appointment changes and deletions are altered and that clients are telephoned as quickly as possible in the event of cancellations or stylist absence.

Accounting Procedure

23. Calculations must be done daily. At the end of the day once the Takings Sheet has balanced, total cash available to be sent to accounts should be amount given on the Takings Sheet, less the amount retained in the float.
24. All cheques must be supported by a Bankers Card, and the card number to be written on the back by the person receiving the cheque, and initialed.
25. To be responsible for controlling petty cash expenditure and ensuring that receipts are obtained for expenses. All petty cash expenditure must be authorized by the Manager.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2018-08-28
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Other; Hospitality/Tourism/Travel

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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