Security Officer – Azraq Camp – ACTED

Under the supervision of the Deputy Area Coordinator the Security Officer is responsible for overall management of Security of ACTED Programs, staff and properties. He also bear responsible to liaise with local authorities in and off camp to ensure ACTED programs and operation is running smoothly.
I. Security/Contingency Planning:
• Assist the DAC and AC in the draft of security plans and once finalized disseminate and orient all new staff on their contents. Make concrete recommendations for revising security plans and policies when needed;
• Ensuring that contingency plans for each offices/GHs (including for Evacuation, Relocation, Hibernation, and Medical Evacuation) are in place, effectively disseminated to all staff, and include a detailed, regularly revised contextual assessment and situational update;
II. Staff/Program and Premises Safety/Security:
• Secures ACTED premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting office compound, equipment, and access points and entry gates;
• Ensure that the entrance and departure of visitors and other persons to/from ACTED premises are monitored against thefts and security incidents;
• Ensure ACTED compound in the camp and ACTED Office/GHs in Azraq town are safe and secure, fences and gates are strong enough and maintained to prevent unauthorized entries;
• Take appropriate security/safety measurements to limit and mitigate the security/safety risk and damages of ACTED premises in the camp as well as in Azraq town;
• Ensure ACTED office and sites in the camp and in Azraq town are well equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits and updated emergency contact list;
• Ensure security guards have access to basic security equipments (torch, mobile phone + charger and credit, VHF radio handsets) and updated ACTED emergency contact list;
• Ensure there is safe area for fleet parking, drivers alerted for any evacuation in an immediate notice with ready-to-go cars;
• Ensure all vehicles equipped with updated fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and ACTED emergency number, if not, immediately report to DAC to proceed with logistic team;
• Ensure staff are always updated on security situation within the camp and at the Office/GHs in Azraq town – weekly meeting with staff in the camp (with support of DAC) to be organized;
• Prepare security materials including short presentation;
III. Distribution safety/Security:
• Conduct Security assessment of ACTED distribution points at least two days before any distribution;
• Assist DAC to provide further security measurements for distribution points and coordinate with police and gendarmerie to provide security back up in case of any request;
• Identify an exit route for all distribution point utilizing updated maps, arrange transportation and safety measurements to evacuate staff – in case the distribution turn to violence;
IV. Communication/Reporting:
• Communication is the main pillar of security; ensure always to maintain a solid communication with staff, security organization and other stakeholders within the camp and in Azraq town and value any information, even based on rumors and pass to direct supervisor (DAC);
• Ensure that communication tools and equipments are functioning well and in working condition;
• Ensure VHF Radio, Thuraya SAT phone and mobile phone are available, fully charged;
• Never relay on single communication net work, always have 2nd or even 3rd means of communication, thus ensure Thuraya SAT phone are available for emergency communication;
• Coordinate with Local security organization in the camp (police and gendarmerie);
• Participate in security meetings, security briefing and report to DAC;
• Support DAC to draft SIR (Security Incident Report);
• Maintain confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality in all aspects of security arrangements;
V. Liaison activities:
• Liaise with local authorities, arrange meetings and accompany international staff, (AC, DAC) to participate in meetings with local authorities in camp and/or possibly off camp;
• Liaise with police, gendarmerie and other security organizations in the camp to facilitate ACTED programs implementation;

Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-09-13
Job Location: Zarqa, Jordan
Job Role: Security
Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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