Software Development Manager – Source2Hire

The product and project manager will be responsible for

  1. Undertaking the following software development management tasks:

    • Ensure the product vision is adhered to

    1. Be responsible for leading, enabling and supporting the timely development of the solution and delivery of the product vision

      • Translate the product vision into a Product Backlog that lists all specific functional or non-functional requirements set by the Head of Engineering and defined as Product Backlog Items (PBIs). The backlog comprises of:

      1. The PBIs to be completed, listed in order of priority;
      2. The increments developed to date;
      3. The Done PBIs to date;

    1. Enable and facilitate collaboration, cooperation, and self-organization between all team members
    2. Use the necessary tools to facilitate visibility of the development of the product to all team members.
    3. Maintain and update the release plan on a continuous basis in cooperation with the Head of Engineering to reflect changes to the PB or changes required by the company to the content or dates of future releases by:
      1. Reviewing and resetting the allocation of PBIs;
      2. Reprioritizing PBIs based on varying business needs

    4. Ensure timely removal of any impediments which may affect the delivery of any sprint;
    5. Plan future releases in collaboration with the Head of Engineering and stakeholders from other teams;
    6. Ensure task deliverables meet the code quality, functionality, and usability standards and requirements before preparing the final delivery of a sprint;
    7. Capture and record empirical data reported or generated at sprint meetings to facilitate adjustment of forecasts in relation to Sprints and Releases;
    8. Discuss and agree in every sprint review meeting the potential improvements to the technical practices, environment, communication, or organization for improved implementation in future sprints;
    9. Review the appropriateness and effectiveness of any proposed improvements at every sprint meeting;
      1. Working with the Head of Engineering and a technical lead in the team to ensure the following quality management aspects:

        • The code is properly documented, and user documentation is created at a comprehensive and user-friendly quality.
        • The developed software takes into account the following coding aspects:
        • The code base is of high quality, in terms of styling, documentation, design, and structure.
        • The code test coverage is above 50%, including UI tests, unit tests, code quality tests, integration tests, and the end to end tests, preferably in a test-driven development (TDD) approach.
        • Software performance is highly optimized, taking into account space and time complexity of underlying functions.
        • The software is highly secure and robust to attacks.
        • The software should be scalable in terms of a code base, and user base.
        • The development process must include automatic code integration using one of the popular CI server solutions, such as Travis CI or Circle CI.
        • Any release will only be official if it passes all of the above in addition to comprehensive manual quality checks on a sandbox or a cloud server (an environment as close as possible to production).

        1. Working with the Head of Engineering to cultivate a healthy and productive work environment and culture by observing members’ work and interpersonal interactions, and providing feedback at team level or individually as needed. Maintaining culture includes:

          • Ensuring that all developers are committing the work time and other productivity factors they are required to commit.
          • Ensuring that all developers maintain decent communication, healthy professional relationships, and productive collaborations as required by their tasks.
          • Ensuring that the team culture encourages creativity and innovation.
          • Ensuring that the team setup helps all members understand the human value of the work they are contributing, and how their work is an integral part of the organization and its mission.

          Job Details

          Posted Date: 2018-05-03
          Job Location: Amman, Jordan
          Job Role: Information Technology
          Company Industry: Other

          Preferred Candidate

          Career Level: Management
          Nationality: Jordan

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