Temporary / Form Works Designer – I-Expatriate

Job Title: Temporary Works Designer

Job Location: Qatar

Reports to: Snr Engineer Manager

Salary: 11,000 QAR

Job Purpose: To convert enquiries into innovative, efficient solutions which best combine the commercial and technical aspects in order to achieve profitable revenue. To contribute to the growth and profitability of the by fulfilling their role within the business.

Key Accountabilities:

· To convert enquiries from customers and the Sales Team into drawings and quotations for the supply of equipment on a hire and sale basis.

· To work under the control, instruction and guidance of the Engineering Managers and other senior staff and in conjunction with the Sales Team.

· To support orders received from customers through production of final drawings, cost estimates, progress paperwork, and agreement of variations, as required for each project.

· To carry out work in accordance with BS/EN/ISO Procedures and Quality Assurance Procedures.

· To have a proactive responsibility for Health and Safety issues.

· To be a supportive and collaborative member of the Engineering Team

· To seek assistance from other Engineering Staff in calculations and applications when required. To have an input to new product design by submitting ideas for new products

· To set an example to other members of staff in the level of professionalism and performance expected

· To aspire to build a knowledge and skill level for the abilities required of a Design Engineer.

· Preparation of schemes/calculations/quotations within time constraints reasonably requested.

· Design and production of safe structures/equipment in accordance with appropriate standards and product data.

· Be aware of and adhere to the Company’s Health & Safety policies and procedures.

Key Competencies:

· Complete Engineering CBT Basic and Intermediate

· Be able to calculate concrete pressures and be able to explain how different factors affect the pressure

· Have a good understanding of different concrete finishes and how they can be achieved

· Be able to design plywood for basic Formwork/Falsework applications.

· A good understanding of how different loads are applied to formwork and falsework.

· Understand the basic concepts of; compression, tension, moments, bending moments, shears, deflection, reactions. On a simply supported beam be able to work out the reactions and maximum bending moment by hand.

· Be able to carry out a simple beam analysis and appreciate the effects of continuity. Understand how the reactions on a continuous beam can be equalized and how this can be used to optimise the design.

· Be able to calculate the forces on a simple single sided shutter

· Understand the difference between laterally restrained and freestanding falsework and be able to identify them in actual situations

· Be able to calculate the leg loads on a simple laterally restrained falsework using continuity in both directions

· Be able to read tables and graphs and interpolate values.

· Have a good understanding of basic geometry and trigonometry, be able to calculate areas and volumes for basic shapes, transpose polar and rectangular coordinates, resolve loads around an angle.

· Understand the method of design and how factors of safety are allowed for in calculations.

· Have an appreciation of the capacities of standard equipment

· Be able to produce solutions based on previous experience.

Communications and Working Relationships:


· Be able to answer telephone calls professionally, be clear and understandable, take messages, respond to basic technical queries, ask technical questions pertaining to a basic design and understand the response. Have regular conversations with reps and some contact with customers.

· Attend site and be able to communicate with site staff. Ask questions at internal meetings.

· Be able to write clear, concise unambiguous grammatically correct mails and letter to customers, reps, to RMDK Employees and other industry professionals.

Working Relationships:

· Will, from time to time, require contact with employees and managers across the Region (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India) to respond to queries.

· Works collaboratively with team.

· Framework, Boundaries, Decision Making Authority and Responsibility:

· Authority to make recommendations on schemes, to Engineering Manager/s (across the Region).

· Can escalate matters to Engineering Manager/Chief Engineer.

· Authority to bring to the attention of any person, supplier, customer or visitor any unsafe acts or conditions by embracing the ‘Don’t walk by’ safety culture.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2018-01-17
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Construction and Building
Company Industry: Construction/Civil Engineering; Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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Temporary / Form Works Designer – I-Expatriate

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